24 November 2010

Vanilla Bean Coffee Liqueur & Boozy Cookies

Finally found a way to get photos off my phone and on to my blog.  It's been an all day affair...whew!  But now the fun can really begin...and I didn't even need to take any sneaky sips of this sinisterly beautiful concoction, though I'm dying to.  Coffee, vanilla bean and Stoli ~ how can you go wrong?

Sweet Potato Cookies with Molasses and Rum Soaked Raisins

Today's endeavour was truly a labour of love, and will no doubt require thinking outside the box when it comes to the combination of ingredients.  It doesn't often does it take me over a week to bake a batch of cookies, but it was well worth it.   The time invested was mainly for the complete and utter maceration of raisins and dried cranberries in Bacardi Dark Rum....after they had soaked up as much as physics would allow *yes, really* it was time to add them to the mix.   I came across the recipe for these little lovelies here after one of my late evening link crawls (more about THAT obsession later).

  Fresh orange zest and ginger adds lightness to, what can often be, over-powering molasses--while the grated sweet potato added a delicate sweetness and chewiness.  And the rum....YUM.  It adds a perfect kind of warmth that is usually only found at the bottom of a glass.

  I'll be honest, it's not a cookie for just any Joe Q.  Public -- after tasting it, The Man's reaction was "...hmm, very strong taste off that".  But if you're a fan of molasses, or even spice cake for that matter, I think it would do just fine with a tall glass of cold milk in front of a good old fashioned coal fire.

Speaking of which...the fire grate calls, those ashes won't clean themselves...just call me Cindyrella....

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